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Does the sight of snowcats climbing up the mountain in the wee hours of the morning make you giddy? Does linking GS turns at warp speed bring a smile to your face? Would you consider carving swaths of corduroy your Shangri-La? If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, then you should probably give the six skis below a test ride. Our 2012 Editors' Picks for the best Frontside skis of the year are the best skis for cruising groomers—incredible edge hold, amazing carvability and quick turn initiation. Each pair was put through the ringer by pros, patrollers, instructors and ski journalists during the OTS ski tests in [R507R, Winter Park], Colorado and [R403R, Snowbasin], Utah last season. Find your new Frontside favorite here:

#1 Head i.Supershape Titan

This ski is like the CIO at work that drives the Porsche—it has all the technology that you don't understand but you do understand that it likes to go fast. The i.Supershape Titan has a chip that transforms kinetic energy into electrical energy and releases it at the end of your turn. Combine that with World Cup sandwich construction and a speed plate and this thing flies. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW».

Head_I. Shape Titan

#2 Salomon Enduro XT 850

Everyone knows the environmental benefits of using bamboo flooring, but what about bamboo in skis? Salomon gave the Enduro XT 850 a layer of bamboo in the wood core, softening this frontside ski for when you take it off piste. While this thing carves like Bobby Flay with a Wusthof in his hand, the bamboo and 84 mm waist make it versatile enough for variable snow. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW».



#3 Atomic D2 VF 75

Ever wanted to ride on one of those double decker buses in London Town? Save the price of airfare and ride your own double decker skis at your local mountain. Atomic gave the D2 VF 75 an upper stabalizing deck and a lower vibration-absorbing deck for pure frontside freedom. This ski rips slalom turns like nobody's business. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW».


#4 Fischer Progressor 1000

Much like Spinal Tap's amplifier, Fischer's new Dual Radius Amplifier goes to 11 too. The Progressor 1000's Dual Radius Amplifier increases power transferred to the edges. Combine that with race construction and a carbon top layer for torsional rigidity, and this ski is a do-it-all frontside phenom. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW».


#5 Salomon Enduro XT 800

Much like its sibling, the Salomon Enduro XT 850, this ski keeps it green with a layer of bamboo in the core. Unlike the 850, the Enduro XT 800 has an 80 mm waist that makes it extra carvable and a beast in the bumps. If a quick-turning carver speaks to you—check out the Salomon Enduro XT 800. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW».


#6 Volkl RTM 84

Volkl has been making hard-charging, frontside planks longer than 007 has been downing martinis. Like the AC50 before it, the RTM 84 loves to carve GS turns on the corduroy but can handle the soft snow with ease thanks to a light tip and soft tail. If laps on the groomers with an occasional venture off piste sounds like a great day then the RTM 84 sounds like a great ski for you. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW».