Tom Horrocks of [R198R, Killington] said The Stash is a revolutionary resort run created by Jake Burton and Burton team riders that utilizes the natural terrain, local wood products, and organic features to create the ultimate freestyle riding experience.

The Stash is set to open Dec. 19 at the Bear Mountain area of Killington. It is accessible by the new Skye Peak Express high-speed quad chairlift.

"The Stash will be a half-mile long run that features wooded glades, banked turns, log slides, and pillow lines. The Stash at Killington will also feature a street-style wooden staircase and a jibbable fence. A classic Vermont sugar shack cabin that can be jibbed or jumped will reside at The Stash. Inside the sugar shack, riders can check out a timeline of snowboarding history in Vermont along with vintage snowboard gear and photos," Horrocks said.

Jake Burton Carpenter, founder and chairman of Burton Snowboards, said, "Bringing the Stash to Vermont has been an objective from the start. Vermont riders are all about tree riding and jibs. This will take it to the next level, giving local riders a chance to have that much more fun on the mountain."

Burton pro snowboarder and Lincoln, Vt., native Yale Cousino is working with Burton and Killington on design ideas for The Stash. Snow Park Technologies, an industry leader in terrain park development, also is adding its expertise to the design and construction of The Stash. Features for The Stash are built with local and organic materials like rocks, stumps and logs. The Stash is designed to limit the impact on the environment, by using local trees and natural elements on the trail.

"We are extremely pleased to work with Burton on this project and offer our guests the opportunity to experience The Stash at Killington," said Chris Nyberg, president and GM of Killington Resort. "The organic nature of The Stash also aligns with our company's environmental initiatives."

The Stash at Killington Resort is the fifth run of its kind worldwide and the first in the Northeast. Others are at [R299R, Northstar-at-Tahoe], USA; [R587R, Avoriaz], France; [R465R, The Remarkables], New Zealand; and [R528R, Flachauwinkl Resort], Austria.