[R1563R, Les Gets] invests in measures to preserve the mountain environment, including more sustainable transport, hotels, ski lifts, and slopes.

Les Gets ski lift company Sagets is one of the few to hold the ISO 14001 environment certificate, which was awarded in March 2008. Further green steps underway on the slopes include biodegradable oil in piste-bashers and ski lift pylons instead of building aerial electrical structures.

The Crychar Hotel in Les Gets has opted for green tourism. It is the first hotel in the village to build a geothermal heating system based on the use of renewable underground energy.

Green transport is proving a hit in Les Gets. A transport service called the ‘Balad'Aulps Bus' runs everyday around the ‘Aulps' valley, between principal tourist attractions. The low price (€1 per journey) aims at encouraging visitors and locals to use public transport instead of cars. This service, which has proved a remarkable success, is in addition to regular bus services. The village centre is also largely pedestrianised.

Further green actions in the village include: special offers to encourage car-sharing such as a 25-per-cent reduction on ski passes for four or more people sharing a car on Wednesdays or Sundays; an environmental charter for tourist accommodation used by the Reservation Centre; and objectives to reduce the consumption of electricity, water, paper, and petrol.

Les Gets has also entered the European competition ‘Energy Neighbourhoods Project.' The idea behind this competition is to encourage families to reduce their energy consumption and as a result their green house gas emissions. The Haute Savoie is the only area in France to participate. The Let Gets Tourism says: "The main goal of the Les Gets team from November 2008 to April 2009 is reduce by at least eight per cent their electricity, gas, oil and wood consumption in comparison with the previous winter."

The best team in the Haute Savoie will compete for France against winning teams from other participating European countries: Spain, Italy, Ireland, Great Britain, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria, and Sweden. The national prize-giving and European ceremony will take place in May/June 2009 in Brussels.