Action continues for Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin with highs mid 20's to mid 30's, the chance of a rain/snow mix for northwestern PA, western NY and most of the Northeast. Cloudy and dry for the West today, but keep an eye out as we move toward Turkey Day. RC 


Rain on the move just ahead of a cold front that pushes into western New York, Pennsylvania and the mountains of West Virginia tomorrow afternoon. Cooler temps and winds in PA and NY could make for a rain/snow mix in those areas. Highs mid 20's to low 40's.


The bulk of the action happens in the North: light snow is expected across Michigan with a few snow showers or flurries possible in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Chicago could see a bit of wet snow this morning. Highs mid 20's-mid 30's. More snow in the forecast for the mountains of West Virginia by midweek. 


With the exception of increasing cloud cover in Washington, Northwest Oregon and parts of California, look for mostly sunny skies today, with the threat of rain/snow action by evening. The potential for action stays in the forecast in the West for the rest of the week.