Colorado likes to think of itself as Ski Country USA. Many Coloradans would like to express that sentimentality on their license plates. However, the state at this time does not have that option.

So, Colorado Ski Country USA, the marketing arm for the state's ski and snowboard industry, is sponsoring a petition drive to make such a license plate available for Colorado residents.

 "For the past few years, we've received hundreds of requests and suggestions for a skiing license plate because skiing and riding are such a large part of the Colorado culture," says Jennifer Rudolph of CSCUSA.

Colorado Ski Country USA is hoping to collect at least 3,000 signatures to present to the Colorado Department of Revenue, which will then pass the application on to the state General Assembly, which will decide whether to create the specialty plate or not.

Anyone who has a legal residence - condo or a second home - in Colorado for which he or she could register a vehicle in his or her name at that address can sign the petition; you don't have to be a legal resident of the state.

The petition - and further information on the license plate drive - is available at Colorado Ski Country USA's Web site under the Resorts tab.