The upper Midwest and a good part of the Northeast continue to be big winners with cool temps and snow. The mountains of West Virginia are due for more action and weather is back for the West. RC


Winds from the Northwest bring more cold air to the region through Friday, which means lake-effect snow for Lakes Superior and Michigan today. Heavy accumulations are likely in some locations. Lake-effect snow warnings and advisories have been posted for the areas threatened. Highs from the teens in the upper Midwest to the mid 40's heading south.


Lake-effect snow is back today for Lake Erie and Lake Ontario as more cold air moves south. Snow showers are also in the mix across West Virginia, especially the mountains, Pennsylvania and the western two-thirds of New York state.


Action thanks to a storm in the Pac Northwest brings a wet, windy day to western Washington, western Oregon and northwest California today. Snow levels in the Cascades will drop sharply, reaching 4000 to 5000 feet by late afternoon and even lower levels by Friday morning. Cold air east of the Rockies will trigger a few snow flurries there, along with some drizzle and freezing drizzle.


Rain showers in the mix across a good part of Germany and Norway, so keep an eye out for powder at the resorts. In Spain, Alto Campoo is due to re-open today, Masella opens Friday and La Pinilla is due to open 12/5.