It's been warm in Utah, really warm.  The normal high temperature this time of the year is around 47 degrees In Salt Lake City.Today, it was 52 in the mountains, 61 in Salt Lake City, with nighttime lows around 57. Everyone's biking, hiking, and rock climbing and generally enjoying this Indian Summer. Some diehards still are out skiing Snowbird or hiking for the backcountry, but many have decided to wait a bit before making turns. That includes [R314R, Park City Mountain Resort].

PCMR has pushed back its scheduled opening day of Saturday, Nov. 22, with no exact replacement date scheduled. Lack of snowfall and the warm temps have stymied snowmaking. "The resort [is unable] to provide guests with the experience they have come to expect from a top-five rated mountain," said PCMR's Paula Altschuler.

The snowmaking team is on hold, waiting for more cooperative temps. Tuesday night (11-18) the overnight low temperature at the top of PayDay was, sadly, 50 degrees. A cool front is expected to move through Thursday/Friday with highs dropping into the 40s for Friday/Saturday. Unfortunately, it looks like the high temps bounce back next week. The 10-day forecast looks very similar to the temperatures this past week but you never know if a freak storm rolls through. All it takes is one 72-hour cold spell (average of 20 degrees or less) to complete snowmaking on Homerun, PayDay, and Treasure Hollow.