In a partnership with their local co-op, Kit Carson Electric, [R454R, Taos Ski Valley] plans to buy approximately three million kilowatt hours of wind power and flip the switch off on traditional coal-produced electricity. As the biggest energy consumer in the region, the resort hopes to encourage other large energy consumers in New Mexico to make some changes as well.

This isn't the first time Taos Ski Valley has made green moves. In cooperation with the National Forest Service, they plant grass and water bars in the summer to prevent erosion on cut runs, they glade instead of clear-cut, recycle, use biodegradable and recycled  products, replaced two-stroke snowmobiles with newer, cleaner-burning four-stroke snowmobiles, and participate in the SkiGreen program.

The program offers guests the opportunity to offset 150 miles of the carbon produced from their travel by adding 42 to their lift ticket price or $20 to their season pass price. Employees at Taos Ski Valley now park their cars and carpool in a company van instead of driving 15 miles to work every day. By doing so, employees will eliminate more than 150 miles of driving each week and thus reduce carbon emissions in the ski valley. "Everyone at Taos Ski Valley is committed to preserving our natural environment and making Taos the ‘greenest' ski area in New Mexico," said Adriana Blake.