Last season produced the fifth highest all-time record attendance in a row according to Ski Utah's Nathan Rafferty, and they can thank some epic snowfall totals from February 2008 to close of the ski season for it. So now, Utah's ski industry is doing the ultimate snow dance for 2009. That, and pumping some serious bucks into ad campaigns.

The Office of Tourism has launched its winter marketing campaign with spots airing on cable channels like Bravo, TLC, MSNBC, HGTV, and others. Ads have already run in Los Angeles on five local stations.

The $1.66 million TV and Web campaign included $107,500 in online ads that will run from Nov. 27 through Dec. 1 and Jan 5 through Jan. 26 on, Go Travel Media, Burst Networks, and

In total, nearly $3.8 million will be spent marketing Utah on state tourism Web sites, ski partner sites, magazine ads, a 90-second video shown on all Delta Alielines flights and sponsorship of a segment in Warren Miller's ski film.

The state is hitting up regional road warriors from surrounding states like Idaho, California, Wyoming, and Colorado because the belief is that skiers and riders will stay closer to home this year.