Here's an update on the [R264R, Mt. Ashland] ski bus, whose ridership consisted mainly of teenagers and young adults whose parents either didn't ski or didn't have a winterized vehicle. We reported it was at a financial crossroads. It needed to boost ridership or it would cease to exist. So Mt. Ashland issued a challenge to get riders to sign up for the bus and, as part of the promotion, offered 10-ride booklets for sale.

Unfortunately, the challenge was unmet - only 11 of the hoped-for 265 booklets were sold by the Nov. 9 deadline - and the Mt. Ashland ski bus has been relegated to the historical dustbin.

But all is not lost for those without suitable wheels who wish to get to Ashland's slopes. A local company that has been offering a shuttle service to Mt. Ashland in the summer for mountain bikers has expressed interest in providing a shuttle service for skiers and snowboarders during the ski season.

Ashland Mountain Adventures has two 14-passenger vans that it will use to transport skiers and snowboarders to the resort. The cost per ride has not been set yet, but the mountain-biker shuttle service was $15 per person round trip, $8 one way.

Riders must reserve space on the vans by calling ahead: (541) 499-2298. If response is strong enough, Ashland Mountain Adventures is considering making more than one trip to the mountain to accommodate as many riders as possible.