Every book you read proclaims, "If you can walk you can snowshoe." Simply strap on a pair and go on a winter hike, backpack, or climb. But still thousands of would-be snowshoers remain apprehensive. 

Danelle Ballengee spells out the basics of snowshoeing with tips on gear and clothing, how to choose the right snowshoe, basic skills demos and word on places to go around the Wasatch. You'll want to mark your calendars. Dec.11 at the Sandy City REI or Dec. 16 at the Salt Lake City store. Danelle is well-known for top finishes in triathlons, duathlons, marathons, adventure races, and snowshoe races as well as her inspirational survival story that made national headlines in 2006. 

During a trail run with her dog, Taz, she slipped and fell almost 60 feet. Stranded and immobilized with a broken pelvis, she spent 52 hours in the Utah backcountry near Moab, only to be rescued by Taz, who led search and rescue teams to her location. Snowshoeing played a huge part in her recovery and her first athletic event post-accident was the Tubbs Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer. She's also a new mom who used snowshoeing as a way to keep in shape during her pregnancy.