[R376R, Liberty Mountain Resort] has a good guide on what to wear on the ski slopes. It's not a guide to haute couture, although there's nothing wrong with looking good.

Rather, the advice has to do with being warm and comfortable while outdoors in the cold.

Liberty's staff suggests dressing in layers, as several layers of clothing allow donning and doffing items throughout the day as conditions change.

Layering means wearing long underwear or tights; ski socks; a warm, collared shirt, turtleneck, sweater or fleece; water- and wind-resistant pants with large enough cuffs to fit over ski or snowboard boots; and jacket or shell with high collar or hood.

Finish the apparel selection with gloves or mittens, and warm hat that covers the ears.

Finally, wear eye protection and sunblock. Goggles are best, but sunglasses are better than nothing. Sunblock is important because even on cloudy days, solar radiation is hitting exposed skin, and reflecting back off the snow surface.

The ride home is more comfortable dry, so many skiers and riders bring a change of clothes for day's end.

Liberty has 16 trails and a snow tubing park on 91 skiable acres, 620-foot vertical, eight lifts that include five quads, two carpets, a t-bar and one double chairlift, two Magic Moving Carpet lifts, and a terrain park J-bar, night skiing seven nights a week, and full snowmaking coverage.