[R312R, Panorama Mountain Village] is improving their Showoff Terrain Park. A flatbed delivered seven new long boxes for the park this fall in preparation for its Dec. 12 opening.

The shipment included a total of 200-feet of boxes: two 24-foot straight boxes, a 24-foot flat down box, a 32-foot roller coaster to kicker box, a 34-foot flat down flat box, a 34-foot down flat down box, and a 36-foot battleship box. "This is the biggest shipment we've ever received," claims Eric Lange, terrain park designer. "They look even better than I imagined."  

Showoff Terrain Park was divided last year into the upper rail park and the lower jump park. Lange plans to redesign the park with a rail line and jump line running parallel to each other down the entire length of the park, doubling the number of back-to-back jumps or rails. He also intends to build most jumps with double take-offs, varying in size from medium to extra-large and construct a permanent big air jump at the base of the park, especially for the local pros.

The Showoff Terrain Park is for intermediate and advanced riders and will offer a gradual increase in difficulty from medium to extra-large. An entry-level terrain park will offer small and medium features in the night skiing area. It will contain more surface features and plenty of small jumps for beginners to build confidence.

The new park will be supervised by a full-time employee and a group of volunteers who will ensure that all features are safe, educate users on progression and etiquette, and suggest appropriate features to match the skill level of riders.

"I'm excited, and freestyle riders should be, too," says Lange. Snowmaking will facilitate the early construction of park features, and if weather permits, Lange plans to have part of the terrain park ready for opening day Dec. 12.