Your kids have had a lot of time to check out mom and dad, their brothers and sisters, and all of the other "big" skiers, by the time they finally get on the snow. They'll want to look cool, ski fast, and do all of the things that adult skiers do. There are a number of inexpensive accessories that will help them get there.

One of the first places you'll want to save money is on your kids' skis and boots. Kids grow like weeds. What fits them today probably won't fit them next year - or even the end of this season. Your best option is to rent gear for your kids at ski shops near the resort. If you frequent a shop that's near your home, you may be able to get everything your kids need for a package deal. Check with the shop's manager for details.

The information age has made it possible to rent skis for the kids at the same time you book your hotel reservations. Visit if you're traveling to resorts in California, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. You can rent gear for the entire family at Rentskis, as easily as booking a flight. Instead of lugging their gear through the airport, it will be ready and waiting for them on the first day of their vacation. You can even exchange their skis for other models if they'd like to try something different.

Your kids'll need goggles, sunglasses, neck gators, and other accessories designed for kids, if they want to look like Shaun White, the "Flying Tomato." One of the best places to find things for smaller skiers is at WinterKids. WinterKids has everything they'll need and is conveniently organized for boys, girls, equipment, and accessories.

You can keep your kids happy by keeping their feet warm with Kamik boots. The Kid's Rocket boot looks just like mom's and dad's, comes in eight colors, and is perfect for warming up their feet before a day in ski boots. They're also great for stomping around on the tubing hill and other evening events when the weather is cold.

Obermeyer Alligator clips for $8.50 may be the most valuable accessories your kids own. Alligator clips secure their gloves to the sleeve of their parka. Voila! No more lost gloves. Goggles designed for smaller heads will insure that your kids can see on blustery days. The Smith Junior Gambler Pro fits kids from 6 to 16, has a double lens with anti-fog finish, protects your kids from 100 percent of damaging ultraviolet rays, is compatible with their helmet, and is available in a wide variety of colors - including pink.

Your kids will love the full line of knit hats from Spyder, Obermeyer, Burton, and The North Face. If they really want to make a fashion statement on the slopes, check out the Mental Hats Natty Dread. For really cold days, have them slide on a Cozy Critters Clava Bunny, Snowman, or one of the soft and cushy TurtleFur neck gators. A must have for kids skiing in locations where the weather changes fast.

Try attaching an Edgie Wedgie Tip Lock to their ski tips to help kids manage unwieldy skis. Edgie Wedgies are used extensively in children's ski schools all over the country and help kids from spreading their skis apart and crossing their tips. They attach in minutes using thumb screws and can be stored in their pocket when not in use.

Finally, WinterKids carries a full line of teaching aids for the little ones. Luck Bums offers a Combo Teaching Aid pack that includes a handy safety handle and back pack (great for hoisting small children onto big lifts), a leash for controlling speed and turns, and a tip clip. The $49.95 pack includes everything you'll need to keep tabs on young, beginning skiers.

The best time to get kids interested in skiing is when they're young. Most ski schools begin accepting children when they're three years old. Try using these suggestions for a fun day on the slopes, when it's time to take them out with the rest of the family.