It's only day three of being on the mountain this year. Eek-gad. It's not because I'm working too much, it's because the snow gawds have not been smiling on Lake Tahoe. Who cares? It's about friends, the mountain and shimming on whatever white stuff we find. The six of us nearly get first chair at Gunbarrel. We head to the Nevada side - no point in paying for parking by the Gondola or schlepping in boots from Harrah's - it makes more sense to start at the California Lodge. It's a groomer kind of day. Not bad, we're thinking. We look into the trees. Not good, we're thinking. Dipper and Comet are OK, but boredom sets in. We head back to California. Ski Ways looks scary. Oh, but how fun it is to be lost in there on a powder day, hearing the whoops and hollers of powder hounds. We'll have to wait and merely reflect back on days gone by. Lines at Sky and Canyon are getting long. Mid-day riders have arrived.