The world's top ski jumpers will meet at the Bergisel Stadium in [R189R, Innsbruck] Jan. 4 for the Bergisel Ski Jumping Competition.

The Jack Wolfskin Four Hills Tournament takes place each year at Innsbruck's Bergisel Stadium, a futuristic tower with an elegant curved approach run designed by London architect, Zaha Hadid in 2002.

The Bergisel Stadium is a modern architectural symbol of the Tyrolean provincial capital, which is clearly made visible at the Bergisel Ski Jumping Competition. Hundreds of spectators will gather in the resort to watch the breathtaking jumps. They will also be continuously kept up-to-the-moment with all the latest information and interviews from tournament television via video screen. Millions will are expected to tune in at home.

Skiers will take off at a speed of up to 92 kilometres per hour from the 134-metre-high jump-off platform. The present title for the farthest jump is held by Janne Ahonen with 139.5 metres. Watch the event at 12:30 p.m. Jan. 4 to see if the record will be toppled.

Watch the training and qualifying jumps for the competition Jan. 3 at noon. Call  + 43 512 53 56 30 for more information or buy tickets. This is a sport you don't want to try at home, so to speak.