[R117R, Courchevel] has made numerous green investments over the summer months which adhere to the Charter of Sustainable Development.

The charter comprises 130 steps that concern various different areas: habit, scenery, water and waste management, as well as transport and tourist activities.

A spokesperson from Courchevel Tourism says: "The resort wants to demonstrate its willingness to combine protection of the mountains with development of the massif and is committed to achieving the delicate but fundamental balance."

This winter 50 greener snowmaking machines will be located on the Combe de la Saulire, which will use less water and less energy for optimal output. Cultured snow will be in production, which is a natural snow produced with no artificial additives, just water and air. €18.5 million also is being invested in a new valley water purification plant to enable the treatment of waste water when the snow melts.

Cigarette butts have been banished from the slopes this year. As well as the ashtray facilities provided at all the picnic areas, the ski lift company have come up with an innovative, low cost solution for collecting cigarette butts. As the lift nears the last pylon, which is usually the point where most cigarette butts are thrown away, there is a target in the shape of a huge cigarette for smokers to aim at. Under the target is a vast 100-square-metre sheet, which will be carefully gathered up as the snow melts.

The first 100-per-cent ecological mountain project will be introduced in Courchevel in the form of a hamlet housing six chalets with gardens near Le Praz for 2010.