Skiers and riders across the Northeast are chattering over snow that has hit the region's higher elevations, including the Green Mountains of Vermont, White Mountains of New Hampshire; and the high peaks of Quebec.

[R211R, Le Massif], 45 miles from Quebec City on the St. Lawrence River, hit the jackpot from storms that moved across the region Tuesday night. The area received 35 centimeters of snow. That's almost 14 inches in terms more familiar to anglophones.¨Web sites and chat rooms are abuzz with excitement over the snowfall.

[R255R, Mount Snow]'s decision to fire up the snow guns last weekend and open up a tiny terrain park on Launch Pad Sunday Oct. 19 marked the first official opening in the region this season.

That, too, sent the snow lovers into paroxysms of joy.

It doesn't seem to take much to make us happy, does it?
 This isn't the first snow of the season, though. That fell Oct. 3. Eric Friedman of Mad River Glen said four or five people were out on the slopes after that snowfall, though the ski area wasn't officially open.

"They were skiing the angry half inch. People are crazy here, I'm telling you," Friedman said.