[R427R, Stevens Pass] is modernizing its access to the mountain in a big way this season by integrating a small circuit known as Radio Frequency ID (RFID) into lift tickets, Advantage Card, and season passes.

The embedded RFID tags allow an access gate to automatically swing open and admit an authorized skier or snowboarder.

RFID gates do not require you to show your lift access media (pass/card/ticket) each time you load a lift, so there's no need to go searching through layers of clothing to find the access media while standing in the lift line. The less time you wait in line, the more time you have for fun. RFID technology also will cut down on other lines, too.

For instance, once a lift ticket is purchased at any of the resort's ticket windows, subsequent lift-ticket purchases can be made online and the RFID-implanted ticket will be reloaded. A reloadable lift ticket should last about 20 visits with normal wear and tear, and that means no more standing in a lift-ticket line.

Advantage Cards - Stevens Pass' version of a frequent flyer program - can also be renewed online. Season passholders who have chip-imbedded technology will never have to wait to pick up a pass again: just renew online next season.