Mid-October weather systems delivered the perfect recipe for snowmaking to start up in the Canadian Rockies. Both [R368R, Lake Louise] and [R312R, Panorama] fired up their guns in preparation for early season World Cup ski training and races. 

Panorama, B.C., an official Alpine Canada Alpine training center, started blowing snow early to provide race courses for national teams training in November on its slopes. The resort plans to host national teams from Germany, Italy, and Slovenia along with the Canadian Alpine Ski Team as they prepare for the World Cup.

Panorama makes snow on 40 percent of its terrain. Factors like sun exposure, traffic, and pitch affect how much snow is needed. "The steeper the run, the more snow that is needed, as more gets pushed off to the sides," explained Todd Partington, Panorama's snowmaking manager. "Depth can run anywhere from 30 centimeters on a flat run to 90 centimeters on a high traffic, steeper trail." 

Race courses must stand up to high traffic on a repeated line. That requires more water to be used in the formula to make a firmer base.  

Lake Louise In Alberta plans to host their Winterstart World Cup starting Nov. 29.  Snowmaking started mid-month on their Men's Downhill and Women's Downhill runs in preparation for the event.