[R5R, Alpine Meadows] is more about the on-snow skiing and snowboarding experience than it is about glitz and glamour.

But even Alpine knows that you can have only so much retro, and that some things do need updating.

Take the case of three popular intermediate runs that had the rather confusing and certainly unsexy names Red Trail, Blue Trail and Green Trail, which got their names back in the early '60s when the fledgling resort was being built and said runs were flagged with the appropriate color of surveyor's tape. Alpine figure it was time to update the trail map and conducted a contest to re-name those trails.

More than 1,000 entries were received, and "as expected, the suggestions were plentiful and very creative," says Alpine General Manager Jim Kercher. "In the end, we have three special new names that were inspired by the community."

Thanks to Greg Jellinek, Red Trail will now be called Dancefloor, a trail name from Alpine's yesteryear which is often heard from some of the more veteran local skiers. 

Melanie Jackson suggested Werner's Schuss for Blue Trail to honor Werner Schuster, the former ski school director in the '60s and '70s. That name was heartily approved.

Green Trail is now Boomerang - which is the approximate shape of the run as viewed from above. Thanks to the imagination of Daryl Nolch. 

The contest winners received a sunset snowcat ride for up to eight people, a midweek pass for this winter, and a full-day mountain tour for up to five people including line-cutting privileges. Everybody's happy now. Trails and winners.