The International Asthetiker Jam Contest will take place in [R685R, Mayrhofen]'s Vans Penken Park this winter.

Skiers and snowboarders will try to outdo each other with perfectly styled jumps from March 14 to 29, 2009. The Mayrhofen Tourist Board says: "Ästhetikers are passionate snowboarders whose motto isn't just harder, faster, higher. It's their love of detail that makes their artistic snow-stunts look so striking. The Ästhetiker Jam is all about trying out new tricks and mastering the park's obstacles."

Mayrhofen is also a favourite for competitive skiers. The Austrian Freeski Open will be held in Mayrhofen from January 13 to 17, 2009. World-famous skiers will show off their freestyle moves before audiences at the Vans Penken Park.

Freestyle novices to Mayrhofen this winter can also take advantage of a completely redesigned kids' park, which will feature seven new challenges.

As the winter season draws to a close, Mayrhofen will host the largest music festival in the Alps. From April 12 to 19, 2009, the Snowbombing Festival in Mayrhofen will feature non-stop music from big-name DJs and live bands, attracting a wide cross section of visitors from all over Europe.

The Mayrhofen Tourist Board says: "In the last week of the Mayrhofen winter season, it is the contrasts between the different types of people here that make the Snowbombing Festival so special."