As a reflection of the environmental stewardship of the surrounding communities, [R143R, Eldora] is launching a new outdoor education program this season. Through a partnership with Nederland schools, the program goes beyond learning to ski to encompass science and nature curriculum disguised as fun outdoor activities.

Eldora is the only Front Range ski resort accessible via Denver's Regional Transportation District (RTD) bus route making it easy for you to do your part in reducing carbon emissions by riding. Another environmental initiative of the resort includes recycling office materials and food service waste. Additionally, Eldora continues to improve the efficiency of its snowmaking system to lower its energy demand.

They also are steeped in green at [R240R, Monarch]. They rely solely on Mother Nature - no snowmaking - therefore keeping energy deficiencies at zero. Additionally, Monarch recycles everything possible at their resort and their food and beverage facility uses compostable cutlery.

Finally, to better educate its staff and guests about [R507R, Winter Park Resort]'s environmental initiatives, the resort developed Connexion. The program includes energy reduction efforts with the purchase of RECs, the utilization of single-use items made from biodegradable resources, and an expanded recycling program for guests and staff.

The new village cabriolet is the latest beneficiary of RECs, continuing Winter Park's commitment to power all future chairlifts with renewable energy. This year, the resort will purchase 200 MW/hr or additional credits, adding to the resort's ongoing energy reduction. AreaNet, a computer program designed by a resort employee, allows the resort to monitor and control energy use.