[R20R, Arapahoe Basin] is one of several Colorado resorts to offset 100 percent of their electrical use (both on mountain and off) through renewable energy credits (RECs). They are the first smaller ski area to do this.

Recycling is another area where A-Basin excels. The new deck at Black Mountain Lodge is being built with recycled products, and along with placing recycling bins next to every trash can, A-Basin administration offices use vermacomposting bins. Ok, this is icky,  but  staff are encouraged to compost any unwanted food scraps and, after harvesting the worms, the vermacompost (worm manure) is then given away to staff for use in their gardens.

Arapahoe Basin also sends their kitchen oils and grease away to be recycled, along with cardboard, bottles and paper waste. 

A-Basin uses less water for snowmaking than any other ski area in Colorado. Additionally, their airless snowmaking system uses substantially less electricity than standard equipment. 

A-Basin also is paving the way in encouraging alternative public transportation. The Summit Stage bus runs from Breckenridge to Arapahoe Basin, stopping at multiple locations in-between. A-Basin saw a 50 percent increase in bus passengers, during the 2007-08 season. The Summit Stage reports that riding the bus saves 20 pounds of CO2 emissions per day, and with more than 100 people riding the bus per day, the amount of CO2 emissions saved is significant. 

A-Basin supports public transportation, so much so, that employees are not only encouraged but are rewarded for using public transport, and so are A-Basin's guests. Discounted lift ticket rates are available to those who carpool to the ski area.

The positive environmental efforts made by Arapahoe Basin are not overlooked. This year the resort was awarded the 2008 Clif Bar Silver Eagle Award for Visual Impact and has been a finalist in consideration for many other environmental awards.