It happens on a daily basis at every ski resort: ski and snowboard theft. It's not going away. Due to the increasing number of ski and snowboard thefts, the Park City Police Department, in cooperation with area resorts and merchants, has developed an equipment registration program.

They're hoping a visible display of a Park City Police Department registration sticker will scare off potential crooks. The registration will log serial numbers into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) to help assist law enforcement in tracking stolen equipment.  

Here's how the program works: Owners of skis, snowboards, and bicycles fill out a short registration form and place a small sticker on their equipment which will be visible to thieves. In the event the equipment is stolen, owners when reporting the theft should advise the police that the equipment is registered. The serial number will be placed on the stolen property list of the NCIC.

The program will allow the police to quickly determine ownership and return the property that has been lost or stolen. The main purpose of this program is to give law enforcement a way to track stolen property. If the equipment is registered the police can contact pawn shops and find out if the equipment has been pawned. Also, it allows the police to list the equipment on the NCIC list. The registration stickers will also be visible and may act as a deterrent to thieves.

Cost of the program is free. The Park City Police Department provides all forms and stickers. Unfortunately, some ski and snowboard manufacturers do not put serial numbers on their products, so if your equipment does not have a serial number you will be required to engrave a number on your skis or snowboard, preferably your driver's license number including state of issuance. Sounds like a hassle but in the end it's worth it.