Renowned extreme skier Kristen Ulmer has announced a return of her Ski to Live clinics. These ski seminars morph progressive ski and snowboard coaching with Zen wisdom. The three-day workshops begin with morning yoga, then on-hill coaching with experienced ski instructors and Ulmer rotating through the groups, followed by evening Big Mind interactions lead by Ulmer herself.

The ski time focuses on the mental and spiritual side of sports rather than on ski technique and is designed to help individuals find true motivation in skiing and snowboarding as well as in life.

 "Zen embraces all aspects of life, inside and outside you," Ulmer explains. "I teach Zen expressed through the sport of skiing to show [clients] who they are as skiers, and as human beings." The first two Ski to Live programs are for men, women, and kids, skiers, snowboarders, and telemarkers of all abilities. It'll chill at Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort Jan. 29- Feb. 1, 2009.

The Canyons host the second event Feb. 26- March 1. The final Ski To Live adventure at Alta Ski Area April 2-5 is for intermediate to pro level skiers and telemarkers only, as Alta does not allow snowboarding. Both all-inclusive and "locals" packages are available at each event. Ski To Live Alta is open to everyone and is the same as the other events, yet cancer survivors, their friends and families are also encouraged to attend. Traditionally about a quarter of the guests attending STL Alta have gone through this unique challenge either personally or within their circle. Ulmer assures that cancer will not be discussed unless you would like to bring it up yourself.

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