SatSports, Inc. recently chose [R48R, Big Sky] and [R1512R, Moonlight Basin] in Montana as the first resorts in the U.S. to offer its Satski interactive ski map. Satski, which is available in many European resorts, plops a real-time, touch screen GPS map and resort directory right into a cell phone.

"We have had great success with Satski in Europe and now that the application can be downloaded on to mobile phones, it's easily available to anyone," said Jean-Claude Baumgartner, Director of SatSports. "Having Big Sky and Moonlight Basin as the first U.S. resorts covered by the system prior to a nationwide launch next year was a natural choice."

Satski applications allow users to navigate in color around the mountain while showing current location. It also provides live statistics and records the day's vertical for replay via Google Earth. Beginner and intermediate skiers can plot how to get from one run to another by avoiding more difficult runs. Experts can measure their speed, distance skied, and vertical.

The program also allows skiers to receive instant live messages for emergency alerts, weather forecasts, and lift closures. It also conveys the latest live information from subscribed restaurants, shops, and real estate companies and permits purchasing goods or services directly from a cell phone.

For families and groups, a "buddy" feature allows a group of users to link their Satskis to locate each other on the mountain. Ski patrols can trace exact locations of skiers in distress via an emergency feature.