College students in northern Vermont can once again major in powder at three prime resorts.

[R192R, Jay Peak], [R66R, Bolton Valley], and [R222R, Mad River Glen] are teaming up to offer the Triple Major Pass for $285.14. (There must be a reason for the 14 cents, and it probably has to do with tax.)

The pass gives holders unlimited access to the three areas.

Why study when this pass affords access to all three resorts every day of the 2008-09 season with no restrictions, plus hit the slopes under the lights at Bolton Valley every Wednesday through Sunday weather permitting?

There is a catch, but it's minor. College students must show valid photo ID and proof of full-time enrollment (minimum of 12 credits).

The early season rate expires at 11:59 p.m. Nov. 9. When the big hand and the little hand both hit 12, bad things happen, as Cinderella learned, but that's another story. What's relevant is that after Nov. 9, the pass goes up in price to $391.14.

Wonder if it's worth it? Check out Jay's new 2008-2009 video.

It opens with shots of skiers on the trails, and cuts to a guy sitting in a ski shop as he says: "It was supposed to be a year. I graduated in December of '98. I was gonna move up here for a year, 'n that was 10 years ago."

The video goes on to show five minutes of skiing and riding at the mountain.

It closes with the ski shop guy saying: "We're all here for the same reason. Sure we have fun off the mountain. But really, it's the snow. Everything's different here, the snow, the terrain, the people, the mountain. Once you get that, you can't get enough."

Do not, under any circumstances, let your folks see it.