Lake Tahoe is feeling the effects of the cold fall temperatures, as are Montana and Wyoming.

Up to an inch of snow fell at Heavenly Mountain Resort and other  Lake Tahoe ski areas from Friday morning to Saturday evening.

As this first cold snap moved into the Sierra's last Thursday night with a low temperature of 24 degrees, Boreal Mountain Resort began churning out snow with it's new automated snowmaking system.

Activating six of their 25 new Snow Machines Incorporated fan guns, Boreal hopes to generate snow for the upcoming 4th Annual Jibassic Pro Invitational on Oct. 25, 2008, as well as to begin laying a base for the ski and snowboard season.

The new snow has mostly melted away, but the cold weather pattern continues into mid-October.

Northern California and Lake Tahoe were not the only places receiving early-fall snow storms: In the Northern Rockies weekend snow totals reached more than three feet in some places.

From Friday through Sunday Red Lodge, Mont. saw 42 inches, while Billings received 10 inches. Homestead Park, Wyo. received 33 inches from Friday through Sunday.