[R511R, Wolf Creek Ski Area], located high up in the San Juan range of southern Colorado, midway between Pagosa Springs and South Fork, is famous for its deep and bountiful snowfall - an average of 465 inches of natural snow per year -- and relatively uncluttered, by other humans that is, slopes.

Set at an altitude between 10,300 and 11,904 feet, Wolf Creek butts up against the Continental Divide, offering 1,600 acres of rideable terrain, with the 1,000-acre Water Fall area a playground of glades, tree skiing/snowboarding, and changing terrain for the advanced and expert rider (45 percent of Wolf Mountain's terrain is designated for the hot shots).  

Wolf Creek also is noted for is its greenness. The resort has been consistently the most environmentally friendly hill in Colorado. Wolf Creek has purchased, as an example, 100 percent of its power usage from a green wind power supplier for both winter and summer operations for the past three years. 

Continuing on this vein, Wolf Creek, sharing the concerns of Joe and Jane Public over the rising cost of fuel and a seemingly ever-degrading environment, is introducing a free carpool service online.  This is a pilot program designed to match up skiers and boarders coming from just about anywhere in the country to the powdery slopes of Wolf Creek. Visit the Wolf Creek news page for more information and to arrange for carpool service. 

As they like to say in the San Juans:  "Share the ride, share the fun."