[R124R, Crystal Mountain], Washington is looking for a few good shredders to enroll in their Youth Team Freeride program this winter.

Youth Freeride Team members will spend a lot of time off-piste learning how to approach steeper and more technical lines, tear up various snow conditions with ease and catch some air. In other words, Crystal will teach young (ages 13-17) skiers and snowboarders to ride sick lines with confidence and style.

How does that happen?

Well, the Youth Team Freeride training includes snow and mountain safety, technical skills and tactics, big-mountain riding and appropriate gear selection and maintenance. The coaches also will pass along information on how to develop a portfolio for possible magazine photo and industry sponsorship deals, as well as divulging the ins and outs of how to sign up for and compete in a freeride competition.

There are three ways to join the Youth Team Freeride circus: a three-day camp over the Christmas holiday period ($204), a six-week Saturday or Sunday option ($408), and a six-week Saturday and Sunday option ($740).

The above quoted prices do not include lift tickets, so for those who don’t possess a Crystal season pass the Christmas session will cost an additional $150, the six-week one-day option is an extra $300, and the six-week two-day option is $600 more.

More information is available at Crystal Mountain's snow sports school page.