[R220R, Loveland Ski Area] began making snow Sept. 23 in preparation for the  winter season. The guns fired at midnight on three trails: Catwalk, Mambo, and Homerun to prep for an early opening. Unfortunately, the temps heated up and messed up the ski area's plans but as soon as they drop again (which is this week), the trails will get blasted. With snow guns on full speed for Opening Day 2008, it's enough to get everyone amped for the season. You can keep tabs on the snowmaking, just like we are, by heading to Loveland's Snowmaking page.

Loveland's snowmaking crew from New Zealand recently arrived and they got to work right away. Conditions were perfect for snowmaking that so they fired up the guns and made snow for the first time this season. The plan is to continue to make snow as often as possible although everything is still dependant on Mother Nature.

There are still have a few weeks before Loveland opens, so snowmakers will concentrate on upholding the resort's high coverage standard; a minimum 18 inch base, tree-to-tree, top to bottom.

Temperatures always fluctuate this time of year, so you never know how much snow can be added at a time, but the bottom line is for sure: Loveland will be open the first possible opportunity.