You've seen them in parking lots and on the road: specialty plates for different groups and causes in Colorado. College Alumni, Colorado Pioneers, Firefighters, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Military Service designs, specialty plates of all types are available to Colorado residents. So where's the Skiing plate?

Coloradoans want them and for the past few years, Colorado Ski Country has received hundreds of requests and suggestions for a Ski license plate. And why not? You car is already plastered with odes to skiing and ski culture. A ski rack, box top, bumper stickers from your favorite mountain resorts and gear companies, not to mention the gloves and goggles camping out in your rear 24/7 and that spare pair of gloves and goggles in the trunk.

To make this ‘dream' a reality, Colorado Ski Country is sponsoring a petition to the Colorado Department of Revenue to start offering a Colorado skiing/riding-centric license plate. To do so, they need to show that there is enough interest for them to consider the petition and this is where you can help. By filling out the form at Colorado Ski Country's petition page you'll be adding to the hundreds of voices shouting for ski representation. This form is only a request to the Department of Revenue and you are not making an up-front commitment to buy a ski-centric plate, if and when they become available.

A sample license plate will be submitted to the Department of Revenue along with your signature. The Department of Revenue retains overall discretion with regard to the final plate design, so this may not be what the actual plate will look like when it is made available. This petition is restricted to individuals with a valid Colorado address.