Due to the reconstruction of both major theaters in Taos, the popular Mountain Film Fest is forced to head to smaller venues that will most likely be sold out.

In other words, if you plan to go, get your tickets now. The annual event runs Oct. 9 - 12, 2008 and will feature films, guests and slideshows from the Tibetan Plateau, the planet's most spectacular terrain known as the Roof of the World.

The festival for mountaineers, mountain lovers, and mountain characters will show a wide array of documentaries covering the history, culture, and topography of the high plateau, which extends beyond Tibet itself into still comparatively unvisited lands such as Ladakh, Mustang and Western China.

Selected films include the 1964 BBC classic Raid into Tibet, which follows a force of Tibetan resistance fighters making an incursion across the border to battle the occupying Chinese forces; The Fate of the Lhapas documents the attempts of the Tibetan shamans to preserve their old ways in exile; other films feature the teachings of the Dalai Lama, and a pilgrimage to the sacred mountain of Kailash.

This year's guest artists include:

Dave Hahn:  Ten times to 29,035, the highest point in the planet, is an accomplishment for any climber. Not content with this achievement, Hahn challenged himself to hold his nerve on one of the steepest continuous walls in the world, the Pacific Ocean Wall on El Capitan. He will show some amazing photos of his harrowing ascent.

Jon Bowermaster: An accomplished sea kayaker, Bowermaster, makes films of his adventures for National Geographic. He will present two films from his acclaimed Oceans 8 series, Antarctica and Descending the Dragon.

Sir Chris Bonington: One of the best-known mountaineers in the world, Sir Bonington, has agreed to join the Taos Mountain Film Festival Board. His ascents of the South West Face of Everest, The Ogre, and many other notable climbs in the world's great ranges have made him a household name.

Here's the festival program and information.