Making the most of cutting edge technology, [R350R, Schweitzer] will enhance guest service and communication. A new interactive trail map on their trailmap page allows users to view photos and videos of particular runs. Just click on trail map icons from the comfort of your home and get a taste of what's to come.

Users can also choose custom criteria that allows them to view and print out maps tailored to their skills to enhance their upcoming day on the mountain. For instance, highlight only the groomed intermediate runs and "print." Carry it with you throughout your ski day for firsthand directions.  

"We're excited to offer our guests this important new technology," said Patrick Sande, marketing manager for Schweitzer. "Whether someone is planning a day trip or a vacation, they can get a sense of what to expect ahead of time. They'll know exactly what has been groomed, what might be too steep and a whole host of other information about the runs. This should enhance our other safety initiatives by offering a comprehensive resource to help skiers and snowboarders make decisions that are appropriate to their abilities." 

Online booking eases the process of planning a vacation and allows users to complete reservations from start to finish online. Additionally, guests are surveyed out on the mountain and in the village by ambassadors with Palm Pilots. 

These Palm Pilots store large amounts of data about our guest's opinions and satisfaction. Other investments in technology include a high definition video camera to more clearly bring the mountain to you online, and a second LED sign at the top of the Stella lift that can be programmed with conditions, safety, and other information.