The French ski resort of [R598R, Meribel] is bringing in an innovative safety system for children.

The "magnestick" is a vest with a back protection and metallic disk that children wear over their ski jacket. A magnet in the chairlift's seat is activated when the child sits on the lift and the child is literally stuck to the seat until the magnet is deactivated once the lift reaches the exit point.

The Les Combes and Arolles chairlifts are now equipped with the magnetic system.

Meribel also celebrates 70 years as a ski resort this winter. To mark the occasion, the resort is bringing out its very own brand of skis for both men and woman, available in resort shops.

Other event highlights include: Snowboard Championships, Jan. 31 - Feb.7; Britain's Downhill Skiing Championships, March 28 - April 10; and the Altitude Festival, featuring live music, stand-up comedy, international DJs, and slope-style competitions April 9.

A new relaxation space is also set to open at Meribel's fitness centre in the Olympic Park and will include four cabins with massage and a hydro-massage bed.