South Tyrol's biggest snow park is being constructed in the Austrian resort of [R2290R, Kronplatz].

The Snowpark Kronplatz is being built at the ski lift Belevedere in a sunny position on the southeast side of the mountain. The F-tech company and the freestyle club Vitamine F of the Kronplatz Mountain are responsible for the planning, construction and supervision of the park.

The start of the snow park is a big entrance table with a parking hut at 2,230 metres altitude. It stretches 750-800 metres long and ends at 2,600 metres altitude - a difference of 170 metres. The park has four different lines spread across the 58,300 square-metre area, featuring tables, jumps, kickers and rails.

Furthermore, a Family Fun Line with ground loops, humps and a small castle is constructed for the ski schools. Then there's an Easy Fun Line for all levels, to be built down in the valley, with four small sequent tables, four jumps and four rails and boxes.

All together, 100,000 square metres of snow is being used and there will be two shapers to prepare and repair the park daily as well as a snow crawler to groom for three hours a day.