[R301R, Nubs Nob] has added a new fixed-grip triple chair in its popular Pintail Peak area. Located just south of the existing four seater - the only chair that was serving the area - this new lift will increase the uphill capacity area by two-thirds, according to longtime GM Jim Bartlett.

"We really needed more lift capacity back in Pintail Peak. The popularity of that area, since it opened just a few years ago, has increased ten-fold. It's the one area that we would get a backup on busy winter weekends and holidays, because we had only one lift choice back there. On the rest of our terrain, you always had multiple choices to get back up to the top," he explained.

The color of the new chair is gray. They had already used all the colors in the rainbow for the other eight chairs. 

Twelve additional patented Nubs Nob snowguns were built this summer, bringing the total gun count to 262. This system, according to Bartlett, is capable of producing a small blizzard over the Nob.

They can cover the hill in an incredible amount of time. I was skiing there in late March last spring and they had so much snow still on the slopes that it was almost hiding some of the lower trail signs. Granted it was a good snow year in northern Michigan last season, but much of it was due to the incredible base laid down at the start of the season. That's a good reason why, in the 2008 Oakland Press "Best of the Best" reader survey, Nubs was ranked as "Michigan's Best Ski Resort."