There's Doug Coombs, Glenn Plake, Eric Pehota, Chris Davenport, all skiing and talking skiing or, more specifically, discussing the rush of extreme skiing and its heyday. Sure, the big budget documentary has a forced intensity (director/writer Mark Obenhaus chose to make it more doomy than dreamy after Doug Coombs died in a tragic fall in La Grave shortly after filming), but the footage compiled and interviews explored are enough to engage just about any rider. Don't let the darkly shadowed talking heads or the ski segments set to heavy-handed classical music turn you off. It lacks the fun and thrilling music you'd find in Warren Miller or TGR ski porn, but it tells a story none of the currents do. Like all of the 'heads' in "Steep" say (over and over and over), big mountain skiing is a way of life. It can be tragic and magical, heart thumping and ironically calming, but with anyone who's ever sought the steeps, it gets into your blood and stays with you - till death do you part. Co-produced by local ski writer and editor Bill Kerig, this 90-minute doc is an ode to the heroes of the late 80s/early 90s who pioneered extreme skiing and brought it you today. For every Gregg Stump film fan who wore neon and idolized the mohawked wonder, for every person who's ever gotten a rush from gliding on white, you'll want to catch "Steep" at the Redstone Theater at Kimball Junction.