"It doesn't matter if you're starting out or willing to defy gravity. It's all about the fun factor," [R510R, Wisp] says.

The mountain offers 32 slopes and trails with a total of 132 skiable acres, including the Pro Terrain Park, Rail Park and Super Pipe, Whip Saw Terrain Trail, and new Terrain Gardens mini parks.

Wisp has 700 feet of vertical off a 3,115-foot summit, with terrain weighted slightly toward beginner (41 percent), with 28 percent intermediate and 31 percent advanced.

Two quad chairs, five triple chairs, three carpets, and four surface tows serve the trails.

Wisp is proud of its automatic snowmaking system that covers 90 percent of trails and relies on computer controls and weather stations around the mountain.

Night skiing is offered on 90 percent of the terrain.

Fall events are in full swing at Wisp, but the area is looking forward to the opening day of the winter season, projected for Nov. 28, the day after Thanksgiving.

The Wisp Ski Patrol also is looking ahead to the winter. "We are seeking individuals (and their families) who have strong advanced intermediate skiing or snowboarding skills, are interested in promoting safety among the skiing public, and enjoy helping others," the patrol says. Interested in joining? Visit the Wisp Ski Patrol Web site for more information.