[R163R, Grouse Mountain Resort] in Vancouver set the goal this past summer of becoming the first smoke-free resort in British Columbia. The resort joined the World No Tobacco Day on May 31, but used the day to launch their permanent smoke free program on the entire property, inside buildings and outdoors.

Both staff and guests were asked to ride the tram back down the mountain if they wanted to light up. The resort reports that guests were very supportive, and the staff that smoke took up company-sponsored support to quit: money towards smoking cessation products, prizes, and days off with pay for milestones met.

"With annual visitors reaching about 1.2 million, we have the ability to make a large impact," said a mountain news release. "Likewise, we are the largest youth employer on the North Shore. With the youth population being one of the largest groups to take up smoking, we have a responsibility to take action."