"We keep it plain and simple, like skiing and riding should be," said [R259R, Mountain Creek]'s Vice President Bill Benneyan. "We have two pass products: All Access, good all the time with no restrictions and early lift access on weekends, for $265; and 5X7 PLUS, good midweek day and all twilight/night skiing, plus $25 tickets weekend days, for $199."

The simple part?  The passes are the same price for all ages.

Prices go up when it snows for the first time (measurement location, depth, and proof to be defined by launch of mountain ops). All Access passes increase to $399, and 5X7 PLUS passes increase to $299.

Should the snow be slow in coming, the default deadline is Sunday night, Dec. 7, the resort's first scheduled operating weekend.

Benneyan said Mountain Creek also has a Triple Play package, three lift tickets good anytime with no restrictions and direct-to-lift capability, for $69 through the Friday after Thanksgiving, and $75 through midnight Christmas Eve.