[R191R, Alyeska Resort], located 40 miles south of Anchorage in the fabled Chugach Mountains, will debut a complete installation of radio frequency identification (RFID) gate technology for the 2008-09 winter season.

Using RFID lift and/or season passes allows guests to set up an automatic charge with a credit card, allowing them to directly access the lifts without waiting at the ticket windows. Purchase an RFID Lift Pass one time for $5 and use it for the rest of the season.

Skiers and snowboarders place their lift ticket or season pass inside a pocket by itself – but not near cell phones, music players or metal ware, which can affect the efficiency of the pass -- and leave it there for the day; the antennas will do the rest. The embedded chip will register with an access gate at the lift and the turnstile will open automatically to admit an authorized person. That means no more showing a pass at every lift.

The reusable lift pass also allows visitors to bypass the ticket window and head straight to the lifts by purchasing visits online. After a day on the slopes, visit Alyeska's pass page to track ski history and reload the card.

The RFID system will provide a completely hands-free experience for all guests, scanning lift tickets and season passes automatically at turnstiles positioned at the entrance to each lift including the tram, chair 4, chair 3, and eventually chair 6.