[R362R, Sierra-at-Tahoe], the easy to get to resort that’s known for its wind-protected slopes, delightful tree skiing, and extensive family programs, has spent much of its off-season improving its data gathering and dispensing resources.

The resort’s Web site will provide guests a cutting-edge online experience with an interactive radar application of weather patterns over precise locations at the resort, differentiating between summit and base settings. Eager skiers and snowboarders can follow weather activity in real time as storms approach the crest of the Sierra Nevada at Sierra-at-Tahoe's weather page.

Another feature of the site is the addition of avatars – i.e., virtual characters – which will guide online guests through daily conditions reports, frequently asked questions, and general resort information in an audio format. Avatars also will deliver information in a whimsical, interactive fashion.

Finally, iPhone and other smartphone users can access the mobile Web site which include a touch-screen design with live feeds reporting daily conditions, weather, news, events, and more.

Besides making things easier to gather information this winter, Sierra-at-Tahoe will continue to try to make things easier on Mother Earth.

Complementing the progress of last season’s green initiatives with free preferred parking for hybrid vehicles, Sierra will further reduce green house gas emissions by encouraging no-idling cars, implementing carpooling resources at the Web site to help guests connect and share rides and by purchasing only 100 percent compostable disposable products for all restaurants (all plates, bowls, cups and flatware will be made from renewable sources such as sugar cane, potato starch, and corn resin).