Weather forecasters are projecting another La Niña winter for the 2011/2012 ski season. For [R201R, Kirkwood] this means an average of 44 percent more snowfall than a non-La Niña year. To capitalize on what has the potential to be another 750+ inch season, Kirkwood announced the opening of Expedition: Kirkwood Outfitters—the go-to place for all things backcountry.

Expedition: Kirkwood Outfitters will offer special clinics, private guides and backcountry awareness straight out of their new $1 million facility. Expedition: Kirkwood is located across from the Village Plaza in the heart of the resort. In partnership with Marmot, K2 and BCA, the facility includes a classroom and conference center, high-end retail locations, and demo gear. Check out the Junior Expedition Team (JETS) for extreme shredders-in-the-making. Expedition: Kirkwood will be the hub for everything needed to learn about and explore Kirkwood's backcountry, sidecountry and all terrain in between.

Kirkwood Mountain Resort is projecting that Expedition: Kirkwood Outfitters will triple the number of cat tours operated this upcoming season. Work this summer to expand the winter road to the Martin Point terrain will allow snowcat access nearly every day of the season. In addition to this new daily feature, there will be nighttime cat tours and hike-in tours to Hope Valley. Expedition: Kirkwood will become Tahoe's outdoor explorer headquarters this winter.

K2 ski technicians and Kirkwood Mountain Resort have teamed up to design a limited edition Expedition Kirkwood K2 Sidestash ski. Today's ski technology caters specifically to various snow types, and the Sidestash is perfect for Kirkwood's unique terrain. The K2 Expedition Kirkwood ski is the ideal all-terrain shovel rocker. Only 300 pairs of this ski have been produced and are currently available. The Sidestash is a special collector's item, and a must-have for any Kirkwood skiers' quiver.

Click here to learn more about Expedition: Kirkwood or Call 209-258-7360.