Utah's liquor laws may soon be a little less screwy if Utah's Governor Jon Huntsman has his way.  Utah is the only state where you have to join a "private club" in order to drink in a bar that serves hard liquor. It's basically a $5-20 cover charge that leaves a sour taste in the mouths of ski vacationers who otherwise might ‘barhop' and spend loads of money freely and willingly in this popular winter state.

Huntsman agrees the present restriction hurts tourism and has asked the legislature to toss it out. The smoking ban in Utah bars takes effect this January, so there'll be no need for the private club designation. (Smoking in public areas is prohibited under Utah law.)  

This new proposal's biggest hurdle is the Mormon Church with its strong distaste for imbibing. Close to 90 percent of Utah's lawmakers are LDS members. The Church wants to see an official proposal before they comment.