[R197R, Keystone Resort]'s new state-of-the-art eight-passenger gondola will be good to go for the 2008-2009 season. With a vertical rise of 2,307 feet and a top-to-bottom average trip time of less than 12 minutes, the new River Run Gondola will transport about 2,400 people per hour, more than twice what the old buckets did.

The new line replaces the six-passenger River Run Gondola and features floor-to-ceiling windows for incredible 360-degree views. The bottom terminal of the new River Run Gondola was moved into the River Run Village, making access to the gondola easier but it still follows the same alignment as the old gondola.

Your drop off is still at the summit of Dercum Mountain. A new mid-station, however, is halfway up Dercum Mountain with loading and unloading in both directions so you can access the upper trails from mid-mountain and still download at the end of the ski day.