The French resort of [R1564R, Les Menuires] has undergone a series of improvements in time for the 2008-09 winter season. Skiers and snowboarders to Les Menuires will benefit from more snow machines, greener lifts, and a new tobogganing area. There also will be new snow machines on the Pelozet slope, enabling easier access between the two resorts of Les Menuires and Saint Martin de Belleville.

Les Menuires is also demonstrating its commitment to the environment with greener lifts. SEVABEL, certified ISO 14001 since March 2006, has fitted two of its chairlifts with waste bins – one with a three-metre target underneath the lift’s path and the second has bins fitted behind the seats.

The most thrilling new arrival to Les Menuires is the brand new tobogganing area. The tobogganing slope has also been created by SEVABEL, measuring 3.5 kilometres in length with 430 metres of ascent.

Les Menuires and [R2422R, Saint Martin de Belleville] are also continuing their snow guarantee to visitors. The resorts have offered skiers the possibility of booking their holiday on the principle of ‘Satisfied or Reimbursed’ since last January. IIf less than 80 per cent of the pistes are open, visitors can claim money back for ski passes and accommodation.

Visit the Les Menuires Web site for more information.