Jackson Hole's Brain Farm Cinema launches the much aniticipated The Art of FLIGHT at the Beacon Theater in New York City September 7. The film, which took two years to make, is heralded as forging new ground in action sports cinema. 

"At its roots, the film is not different. But we put a lot of effort into high production value, so it looks like Hollywood made it," producer Chad Jackson says. "That makes it stand out as something different."

Some of the filmmaking equipment had to be custom designed just for the project. The Cineflex V14 provided the stabilized aerial cinematography for shots of riders dropping from knife-like ridges, and the Phantom HD Gold yielded slow motion footage of the type seen in Hollywood blockbuster explosions.

Brain Farm Cinema released their first snowboard flick The Art of Flight in 2008, sweeping up awards at film festivals across the country. They resurfaced this fall with the long-awaited "The Art of FLIGHT." We spoke with producer Chad Jackson to get some of the inside scoop on the film, which debuts Sept. 7 in New York City.

Brain Farm's work has received acclaim for its cinematography. "Our game changing cinematography is our M.O.," notes Jackson. "It looks different than most action sports films out there."

In addition to cinematography, Brain Farm is renovating the film formula. The company prides itself on doing more than putting snowboard tricks to music. "It's not just one trick after another," explains Jackson. "It's a hybrid of documentary with the old snowboard and music formula. It's adventure with a documentary feel."

So yes, the film has some storyline, some drama. It's more than Travis Rice and some of the world's top snowboarders grabbing first descents and hucking big. "The film includes a lot of non-snowboard shots," says Jackson. "For instance, in Patagonia, the snow wasn't that great, but the whole adventure was in getting to the couloir no one had stepped near."

The film melds together adventures from Aspen, Patagonia, Alaska, the Andes, British Columbia, and, of course, Brain Farm's back yard-the Snake River Range in Wyoming.

After its New York debut, the film begins touring cities in the West.

The movie plays for Brain Farm's home crowd Sept. 24 at the Center for the Arts in Jackson, Wyo. Tickets cost $17.50. The 9:30 p.m. show is already sold out, but tickets are still available for the 6:30 p.m. show.

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Trailer: "The Art of FLIGHT"