[R113R, Copper Mountain] installed a 4.2 kilowatt photovoltaic system at the Transportation Center, garnered the Green Globes certification for the new Woodward at Copper facility and the created an employee-based fund to support local youth environmental programs.

"The theme of the report this year is simple - we can all take action in our own lives to get involved in protecting the environment," said Copper Environmental Manager Jen Schenk.

Copper created an employee environmental fund during the 2006-07 season, through which more than $5,000 was granted to four projects to support local youth environmental action and education initiatives.

Copper has recently completed energy assessments for all the facilities it owns to determine areas where energy savings can be implemented, showing a one percent decrease in electricity consumption and a 9 percent decrease in natural gas usage over the past year.

Copper's first solar project has been installed and photovoltaic panels now line the south-facing roof of Copper's Transportation Center located in the Alpine Lot, providing a portion of the electricity for the building. In addition, construction of the 19,000 square-foot Woodward at Copper facility is underway. Here's the best news: Copper will offer preferred parking in the Alpine Lot for those carpooling, with guests enjoying VIP parking close to the shuttle buses and a short walk back to their car at the end of the day. The deal will occur on selected weekends. Guests will also be given bumper stickers encouraging carpooling.